Friday, June 29, 2012

Nation of robots

I entitled this as nations of robots, once you are finished reading this, I think you will agree with me.

Have you noticed most of the time when you call someone and they are not at home, if you want to leave a message you have to talk to a machine?  If you're calling a business, you might as well hang up because you will be told by a machine to press a number when you do, you're told you have so many options. Then your told the same thing after you press the number you were given. After pressing a dozen numbers you are told that all lines are busy. So if you wait and you happen to be paying for a long distance call,  you are incurring costs with out any results for what you were calling about in the first place.

If your calling to apply for something, the first thing you will be asked is whether you have a credit card. Should you answer 'no', they will likely say that you will have to pay for one year in advance or just simply  sorry but if you don’t have a credit card we can’t help you. With some businesses like hydro, cable, Internet  or telephones in places like were I am now, to pay these things, you have to either run to a bank or mail them a cheque or pay online.  That's because it seems that they are only interested in your money and not interested to hear of any complaints from you face-to-face, or even voice-to-voice. Those calls are screened by machines as well.

What got me going on these subjects this morning is what I read on this site.

This is what got me thinking that we have been turned in to robots. Most of the time we are told to do this and that by machines. 

Here is another one that you would hear. You check your mail box and there’s a letter from some business with a mistake on it. So you call those people and explain about the letter that you received from them and after they check and see the mistake the response is "Oh, I’m sorry but it was printed from the computer/system". 

This just goes to show that we are taken for a bunch of idiots and that we don’t know that it’s the person that entered the info who is at fault. I’m lucky to have some one to edit my blogs because first of all I’m French and I have to have someone to edit what I write -  if not, sometimes I get so mad that I would start using my own vocabulary which would not be appropriate.  That was definitely the case with this post.

That is my grouchy rant for today . 

Have a great day. 

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