Monday, June 25, 2012

Store shelf mazes

Where is it?!?!

This really burns me up.  Have you ever noticed, when you go into a store that things get changed around from one day to another? I know the managers do their best to try and sell off what they have on their shelves but some of them go to extremes.

Here is what I mean. When you go into a store that you usually go to, you think that you know where everything is. What you want you think you know is in a certain aisle. Forget it - you have to search to see where it has been moved to so you have to look almost all over the store to find what you wanted. Then when you do find it, if that item is a good seller, it seems you will find it either at the very bottom of the shelves and you have to almost  get on your knees to reach it. If not, it'll be on the top shelf and then you have to become a giraffe to reach it. If you’re a short person, you try and find someone in the store that works there or another customer to help you.  It is the same if you cannot kneel - then you have to get help. 

There is also another thing that gets me. They will put some items on sale and marked on sale for a certain price but they seem to forget to change it so when the cashier punches or scans that item in to the register, it shows the regular price that it was before they put it on sale, If you don’t pay attention when the cashier puts  it in, you are getting robbed. On the other hand, if you see it and tell them they made a mistake, then they will call for a floor walker (if they have one) and it takes forever for him to show up to tell them the actual sale price.

 I caught Canadian Tire here in Hull on that. Was it forgetfulness or on purpose?. Next time you go into a store check what the cashier is punching in the cash register you might save yourself a couple dollars.

That’s my little rant of the day.

Have a good day and if you do some shopping keep an open eye on the cash.

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