Friday, June 8, 2012

We are in trouble - politically

We in Canada are in trouble, politician -wise.  Here are my reasons for saying this. 

We have the Conservative party which at this time seemed to be the best pick. Then we  have  the  opposition    New  Democrats  with a new  leader who doesn't seem to know  what his job is.  According to his statements so far he is all for the unions and all for socialism. Of course his party  is too. Then there are the Liberals with a leader that has shown us as a leader he leaves a lot to be desired. Getting down to the third/fourth tier, there is  the Green party, which is as far as  I’m  concerned  a lost cause. We are just as  bad provincially  in Quebec and Ontario with the Liberals in charge.

That is my little rant of the day - something to think about. I might have a solution. We should try and find some one like Sarah Palin to straighten them out.  Like her or not, she stands up to the establishment. Canadian politics, regardless of party is nothing but establishment. We need either fresh faces or a fresh system, because the parties as they are, don't really change much and when they do, they typically just make matters worse.

Have a great day.

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