Sunday, June 17, 2012

Who to believe?

I ask who to believe and here are my reasons for asking. All religions or cults tell us that God is a good God. I believe that. Now this is why I’m asking the question. Catholics claim that if you die without confessing your sins you go straight to hell and this doesn’t make sense to me

First of all, nowhere can I find that says that God judges everyone individually upon death and this is what the Catholics want you to believe.  If He did judge everyone individually then why should He do it again at the end of the world?

Now the Church of God says that when you die you are left in your grave until Judgement Day as if you were  sleeping  and then, He wakes you up on that day. My next question would be if this is so, then where do spirits come from?

They all say that God is a good God which I believe and being a good God he would not make anyone suffer by torture and pain. Yet that is what Catholics  would  want  you  to believe by you going straight to the pit or the river of fire and suffer for all eternity.  That  would be torture and a good God would not do that.

According to the church of  God if  you are  not one chosen to be in  God’s Kingdom  then you are put to sleep and then cremated without feeling any pain and your soul doesn’t exist anymore.

Now I’m searching and trying to find out why God created all those other planets. We know what the sun’s purpose is and the moon’s but the others no one knows. He  must  of had a reason to create them.

Well I guess that’s all on this one for today.  Have a good day and may God bless you.

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