Friday, June 22, 2012

Eating healthy

When I hear these people say, eat healthy foods it makes me laugh. To eat healthy these days you have to stay away from most of the food they sell in the stores. 

According to doctors,  too much sodium is no good for you because it retains the liquids in your body and the results if that happens are that you can die. I know this because I'm now on a low sodium diet.  What supposedly happens is that your kidneys and your lungs will shut down as the liquids can get retained and finally get into your lungs.  When that happens, when you try to breath, no oxygen gets into your lungs and you can die from it and after just a few minutes. You pass out and you could be out of this world just like I was.  That happened to me at the end of May of this year. 

It was so bad that someone at the hospital called a priest to give me the Last Rites of the Church and while the Priest was doing that the doctor had declared me dead (I guess that’s when my soul went on an unearthly trip). According to the witnesses, after the priest was finished, roughly after about thirty minutes, my body started to move again and now the doctor is mystified as to why I started moving again, I was suppose to be dead my heart was so weak that he could not hear it or it started again on its own.

In any case, companies don’t seem to care about sodium as long as they can sell their product. Sodium is just one example, but since it affected me, I thought I'd include what I found out here as an example of my point.  I checked on a few grocery items in the store one day and here is what I found, (based on picking products randomly).

  • Garlic Pasta sauce in a can 680 ml - sodium 680 mg.
  • Tetley green tea in a can of 48 grams - sodium 5 mg
  • Campbell’s chicken a la King a 540 ml  - sodium 780 mg
  • One can of chicken noodle soup (generic brand) 10 fld ounces 284 ml - sodium 670 mg
  • Cordon Blue can of sauce (3 peppercorn) 284 ml - sodium 270 ml 
  • Milk 2 litre homogenized - sodium 110 mg
  • Ginger Ale (Cott ) a 2 litre bottle - sodium 25 mg. 

These are just a few things I picked up to check. Now if you’re a person that jumps on a salt shaker as soon as you sit at the dinner table, imagine the amount of salt that your putting in your body. When I was younger it never bothered me, but when you get to be an old antique and you have not taken care of what you put in your body when you were young, then the body takes its revenge as you get older.

That’s my rant of the day and I must mention, that companies could put less sodium in their products, even try to cut it down half or one third. I know salt is a preservative and also occurs in some things naturally, but I don’t think that cutting it down a bit will matter but it would help consumers with their health.

Have a salty day.

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