Thursday, June 21, 2012

Preparing for WAR!

Battle of the sexes

Prepare for war, but not with bombs.  I'm talking about a war of the sexes. Sorry ladies, this is not meant to insult anyone but something just dawned on me while I was sitting here and thinking of what to write.

This what I find comical - some of you ladies might not think so but hear me out. When watching movies of cowboys and Indians, what  do the Indians do before going to war? They paint their faces and away they go.  When I see a woman getting ready to go out for the evening, and she wants to look sexier or look more beautiful than the other woman and draw attention to herself, she puts on what I call her war paint and away she goes and that’s why I call this war of the sexes. 

I have to mention also that some men (and I mean some) will also put on some war paint to go out and all kinds of cologne to smell good but not to attract a woman. What I find ironic is some woman look beautiful without all that war paint and some do indeed ruin their natural looks because of adding war paint.  Yet they go out, dressed in war paint to defeat other women in their quest for men and also to lure men to them.  It's like a free for all battle.

I hope this did not offend anyone as this was an observation and if it did it wasn’t meant to do that.

Have a good make up day.

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