Thursday, November 6, 2014

Misplaced priorities.

I am a Canadian and I never thought the time would come when a supposed-to-be-president of the USA would leave a border open for all kinds of riff raff, disease carriers and terrorists to get in. When a border is left open to facilitate the invasion of the USA, it's a bad time I never thought I'd see.

I remember there was a time when some politicians were claiming that some terrorists were coming to the USA from Canada and the security at the border should be re-enforced. Now a Canadian crossing the US border has to pay $5.00 for crossing if this hasn’t been changed.

So what did some citizens do? They elected a president that leaves the southern border open and look what kind of people that come in to the USA. Illegal immigrants, drug carriers, criminals.

Another thing I noticed some people seem to be scared of saying the word terrorist when actually it was a terrorist attack. Are those people sympathizers of terrorists and they don’t want to say it was a terrorist attack when it was confirmed that it was? We are peaceful people but I can guarantee that if anyone is caught here committing an act of terrorism, there will not be a court for that person as he or they will be shot on the spot. That kind of scum we don’t need in our society. 

We as Canadians know with that border being open there is a good chance that some of that riff raff  will finally make it to Canada and there is only one person that will be blamed for that and that is the supposed to be the president of the USA. By leaving that border open and by his action, I really believe that the USA will become a third world country. If that president has his way it will happen. His actions of reducing the military leaving the border open like he’s doing  is just bad business.  I would not be surprised if he is pushed to close that border that he would try and use an executive order to keep it open because it seems that’s all he threatens to do all the time using executive orders. 

Those are my opinions as I see what is going on.

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