Monday, October 31, 2011

Tougher Laws

When Prime Minister Mr. Harper was running to get re-elected in the last election he stated that he would bring in tougher laws for criminals. That is fine, but with tougher laws it means more people in jail and more jails would be needed. As it is now to my understanding, the jails are now overflowing and to build jails is costly. But I have a good solution on where to get the money to build them and there would not be any reason to raise taxes to cover the cost.

The first thing I would do is do away with the CBC. Privatize it and then billions would be saved just by doing that. I find CBC useless, boring and a drain on taxpayers' money.

Second, any adult that immigrates to this country and break the law (and it's considered a federal crime) and are found guilty without a doubt, should be deported right away with no chance of coming back. And there should be no appeal - this would also apply to any teens that came here with their parents. But when it comes to a provincial crime, then every one is equal. No jail time would apply for breaking a provincial law but give them double probation and make them pay the court costs if they are found guilty.

I know some will say 'yes but new laws would have to be written'. I say fine and at the same time, the old laws that were not brought up to date could be revise and bring them up to this century..

That’s my rant of the day - tougher laws and ways to save tax payers money.

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  1. The word I'm looking for sounds more like bee-eye-tification


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