Monday, October 10, 2011


To some people this word Apology seems to be a word that shows weakness in a person. I would say that a person that thinks does so because that person has not interacted with different kinds of people in this world. To find out when to use this word and by using it at the proper situation can result in a way that would be surprising.

This word apology might be a small word that some people take for granted, but if used the proper way it’s a powerful word. To learn how powerful this word can b,e you have to mix with people of all types and be a good observer and listener.

This word can be used as a warning  from a person that has a criminal mind, in which case an innocent person would not take it as a threat.  Or you could be a back-stabber trying to pass off as a good guy, in which case this works well if you're working as an investigator.  After questioning you apologize for having taken the person’s time and most of the time in the back of your mind you're trying to find proof that this person is guilty of whatever your questioning him or her about.  And  you are ready to sink that person if you find enough proof.  Because you apologized, people think that you are a good person and most of the time you get the answers that you want. 

Only by living life and observing and listening can you learn what they don’t teach you in schools about how to use different words to your advantage.

Apology does not = weak.

Apology = Experience in most instances.

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