Thursday, October 20, 2011

Whiners without a cause - Part 1

I called this post whiners without a cause because of what I had read in the Ottawa Sun newspaper earlier this week. According to what I read, the health department has conducted a poll in Ottawa and it appears most people would embrace an expanded smoking ban that includes restaurant patios, parks and beaches.

If all theses places were enclosed I would agree with them, but out in the open spaces I think that’s going a little overboard. If the city of Ottawa would ever come out with a stupid law like that then they might as well close the city and barricade the streets to stop all vehicles that run on gas or diesel.  Those are the worst polluters - the exhaust chokes you up when they go by you on a fresh, cold winter morning..

I wonder if the citizens of the city of Ottawa ever stop to think of how much freedom they have in their city? Or how much they still have left.  Or are they so used to being told "you can’t do this or that"? Or are they so used to being pushed around by those stupid by-laws that they don’t realize that they are being controlled as if they were still a bunch of kids? People of Ottawa let me tell you that you have no more freedom in your city. Think of it - why ask for more stupid little laws?  I lived in Ottawa for about 50 years and I can see how much freedom was taken away from the citizens in that city.

Just because some of you don’t like the smell of tobacco doesn’t mean that you have to try and make life miserable for the ones that smoke.

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