Saturday, October 8, 2011

Unbelievable election

It's true.
I cannot believe after all the complaints against Premier McGuinty before the Ontario election, about his broken promises with regards to the taxes and Wind Mill contract, that he was elected yet again.  True, he was only voted back in with a minority government. What this man has done to the province though,  he should have been thrown right out completely. He was called a liar and a tax man and still voted back in. I can’t understand that.

I heard on television yesterday morning that he was back at work. I’m just wondering when he found out that he was voted back in and whether he was thinking about what he could tax next. Should I make a silly statement and say not to be surprised if he comes up with a tax on toilet tissue and call it a luxury tax?  Who knows, maybe that's not all that far-fetched for him.

He will find something to tax because he is Liberal and he will lie to the people like he has done in the past because it seems that the Liberals can not tell the truth.

McGuinty will turn the province into a socialist province just like the Councilors did to the city of Ottawa (where you cannot make a move without having their by-law officers down your neck). I mentioned all this about the City of Ottawa in a previous post.  You can read it here.

Don’t get me wrong - I like the Province of Ontario. I spent most of my life in that province but on a old age pension I could not afford to stay there any longer, which is why I moved to Quebec.

When I hear some Ontarians criticizing the province of Quebec I laugh. They simply don’t know what they are talking about. They only repeat what they hear others say, or they just want to try and show that they are smart. Actually they are showing exactly what they are: stupid.

One thing I can say about the people in Quebec if they don’t like a party. They might give them a chance and if it doesn't work then the next time they are out and for good..Like what happened in the last federal election.the same should have been done for M Guinty and his troops.

The Liberals should all be put on a slow boat to China and make sure they run out of fuel before they get there.

When it comes to Liberals, federally or provincially, I have no pity for them. Has anyone ever paid attention to these people running to get elected? And I mean all politicians. “If I’m elected I (will do this)”.  If they wanted to be honest they would say if  "I’m elected I will (try) and do this.” That would be more believable.

That's my rant of today by upsetting myself just thinking of these rotten Liberals and the fact that he was voted back in.

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