Thursday, June 9, 2011

Licence plates for bicycles

Enjoy your rights of the road...
I was listening to Lowell Green’s radio talk show on C.F.R.A the other day about people complaining about bicycle riders thinking they have full rights of the roads. I have to agree with them because some of them are just as brainless as the people that use their telephone or text in unsafe conditions.

They were mentioning that every bicycle should have a licence plate so if anyone riding a bicycle interferes with the traffic the number of the plate could be taken and reported to the police. That is a good idea except that some people's eyes are not weak enough to not drive but weak enough to not see the plate number. 

I remember when we had plates for bicycles. At the time it cost only $1.00 and the plate could fit just above the back wheel and was attached to the back of the seat. You can imagine how big the numbers would be. Can you see how much chasing a person would have to do in order to read the plate?  That is, unless you hit the rider to stop him or her. By the time you got out of your auto, if possible with the traffic, you still could not catch the rider because most would jump the side walk and take off. 

The big question knowing how the councilors are in Ottawa, is money.  They will not be satisfied with just the fees for the bicycles. I would not be surprised if they obligate the bicycle riders to obtain some kind of insurance just to generate more money like they do with everything else. Here in Gatineau the bicycle riders are just as bad. 

You know what riles me? When 4 or 5 people are walking like a bunch of cows in the middle of the street and they hear you coming in a car or on a bike, but they take their sweet time to move.

That’s my rant of the day.

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