Friday, June 10, 2011

Sissy Boy

I was reading the about Anderson Cooper's report on this boy being born a “sissy” and the treatment that failed him miserably.  It reminded me of what I had written, about another blog that I sometimes read. Ironically, the it's also on CNN - it's about religion. On that blog they claimed that when God created man that had the genitalia of both man and woman then changed his mind and separated the two and created the woman.

Now this has me wondering, could this version of the Bible be right? Apparently this boy was born a “sissy” and if this version is right then homosexuals can’t be blamed for being who they are, as they would have more(or as many) feminine genes then male ones. But this proves that we can not depend on the truth of what is written. Variation, bad translation and misinterpretation all serve to distort what is written, especially with respect to something from so far in the past. That’s what has killed the world on religion. It's easy to see why preachers, minsters, imams, rabbis etc., all have their own version of their sacred texts. Everyone sees the same thing in different ways.

Getting back to the sissy boy, he managed to tough it out for a long time, then according to his parents he could not take it anymore and committed suicide - he hanged himself in his apartment. He was 38 years old. It seems like the problem may also have been related how different people in his life, himself included, saw things differently from each other.

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