Thursday, May 26, 2011

Open letter to Lowell Green

Mr. Green,

I was listening to your rants again today about Quebec being responsible for the NDP being elected as the opposition party in Canada, and calling the people of Quebec stupid.

Do you think that all Quebec got together and said “ hey lets all vote for the NDP ’ come on man, use your head. How many people in other provinces vote for them? I will admit a lot of people here cannot tell the difference between a federal government cheque and a provincial one. That doesn’t mean that we're all stupid and if you think that we're all stupid here in Quebec then you had better put on your thinking hat, because a lot of us were educated in Ontario and moved here. Why? Because of all the stupid laws they have in Ottawa where you can not make a move even in your own back yard without a neighbor calling to complain about what you are doing that they don’t like.

Like having a beer or some minor thing like that. Then when the call is made along comes the little by-law officer quite happy to write a report to appease his Gods at City Hall. The same people who think that the taxpayers' money grows on trees. That has turned the City of Ottawa into a Socialist City with all their stupid little laws and constantly looking at different ways to dig in the wallets of their citizens.

Mr. Green, have you ever seen the old TV show, The Outer Limits? When you start your talk show you should have a sign over your desk that says I’m going into the insanity limits.

By the way look at my previous post as it concerns you. You can’t miss it because your picture is on it too.

Have a great day.

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