Friday, May 27, 2011

Are we in trouble?

Special guy?
Here we go again, talking about Quebec wanting to separate. I said in a previous post that it’s not the ordinary citizens that are talking about separation it’s the politicians.

This morning I was listening to Lowell Green’s talk show (again) on radio station CFRA. What did I hear Mr. Green stating? That the leader of the opposition in the House of Commons stated that Quebec would only need 50%+1 vote to separate. I believe Lowell Green is correctly quoting Mr. Layton. Mr. Green has all the facts in front of him.

Now do you people see what I mean by asking are we in trouble? Mr. Jack Layton has not even been Leader of the Opposition for a month and he has already made that kind of statement. It seems Mr. Layton does not listen to the news too much and if he does he should recall that there are two provinces out west where people have said in all seriousness, when the last referendum was going on, that if Quebec did separate, they (the western provinces) would join the USA.

Making the kind of statement Mr. Layton made is more or less encouraging a referendum. Doesn’t Jack Layton realize that if Quebec were to separate and those two provinces out west joined the US, what would happen to this country? Do you think that Mr. Layton, Leader of the Opposition, would be happy to become the Prime Minister of a banana republic? It sure sounds like that to me by him making that kind of statement.

I know a lot of people in Quebec voted NDP because I believe that they did not want the Bloc Quebecois anymore and even less the Liberals. I say the politicians were elected to run the country and not make stupid statements like Mr. Layton did. That type of statement could end up breaking up the country. The way I see it, Mr. Layton is not satisfied by being the official Leader of the Opposition but he wants more power. Before he even gives us a hint as to what kind of Prime Minister he would make, he's envisioning even more for himself.

Mr. Layton, there will be more elections and how politicians have acted from the time they were elected through to the next election impacts how we look at their performance.

I have been living in Quebec for 28 years and have yet to hear any citizen talking about separation. It is only mentioned by politicians. The same is true for Bill 101 that came out from an old politician that has since created a lot of problems, that we're facing now about the language. That old politician, Rene Levesque has since passed away. The ex Bloc Leader, trying to get more money from the Federal government all the time for the province has since made us look like a bunch of scroungers.

True Quebec’s language is French and we have our own culture, but it doesn’t mean it has to be shoved down every one else’s throat. Everything was doing fine with the language until Levesque, a politician, started poking his nose in to it.

Again, the English people of Canada should use their heads and realize that its not the ordinary citizens of this province that are crying for separation, its mostly the politicians.

This is my Rant of today and comments are welcome.

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