Saturday, May 14, 2011


Crazy person.
I read in the Ottawa Citizen news paper this morning that there was a demonstration in front of the Libyan Embassy in regards to pro and anti Gadhafi people.

This is the kind of conduct we do not need on our streets. Taxpayers' money is spent on security for this kind of conduct by these pro-Gadhafi protesters. I would  like to ask these pro-Gadhafi people why they immigrated to this country Canada, if they are so worried and preoccupied about what is going on in their country .Apparently you pro-Gadhafi people could not have been too happy with the conditions you  had to live by or else you would not have immigrated here.

It has been reported that Gadhafi has stolen 3 billion dollars from you people and now he’s killing his own citizens. These killings can not be denied by anyone - we have seen videos of it. The citizens who care about their country are still there ready to give their lives for it.

Here in this country, everyone is entitle to their own opinion without running the risk of being shot or put in jail. This is a peaceful country and we don’t mind demonstrations as long as it causes no hassles or injuries’s to anyone.  But this demonstration did cause injuries.

Now if you Pro Gadhafi people care so much about what is happening in your country by all means go back. I can honestly say you people are not the only ones in this country that have demonstrated. People that were not happy about what was going on in their country have demonstrated and they  were told the same thing as I told you in what I’ve written here. I know for a fact that if I were to leave here and immigrated to another country it would be because I would not like the way things are here but I would not disturb my new country’s peace by demonstrating.

I don’t want to sound as if I’m against immigrants because I’m not.  But I am against the ones that come here and disrupts the peace instead of trying to fix things in their own country. In this country every one is welcome as long as you follow the laws that we have.

If I sound like a grouchy old Canadian I am.

That is my beef for to-day and I feel good.

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