Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Liberals, The Budget, Groundhogs and May

Since the last election federal election in Canada, we've been hearing the Liberals say “We will build the party up again” and yet who have they taken on as interim leader? None other than Bob Rae. I guess it shows they are not trying too hard. First it was Mr. Ignatieff and now it's Bob Rae. Neither one a home grown Liberal party member.

Speaking of Bob Rae, I heard today the comments he made about the budget.

Liberal interim leader Bob Rae called it a "groundhog budget . . . with the same spirit of compliancy" on poverty.

"It's not a document that's intended for all Canadians," he said.
Before he made those comments, he should have thought about what he did when he was Premier of Ontario. But of course that was his opinion.

Elizabeth May of course had to complain about the government not doing anything about climate change. That really riles me up (climate change). I’ve been living in this country over three quarters of a century and we've always had climate change - every three months. These politician couldn’t stick to global warming because they knew darn well that it was just a repetition of someones nightmare.

That is my opinion and my rant of the day. I could write more, but I did not want to send anyone into boredom world.

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