Saturday, February 7, 2015

132 children massacred at a school in Peshawar, Pakistan

According to a Whitehouse spokesman, the Taliban are not a terrorist group. This is what I read when I opened up Newsmax on January 29th. Not too long ago this same group went into a school in Peshawar and shot 132 children to death. They tried to classify the terrorists as just an armed group. Bull. For an armed group to go into a school and shoot a bunch of children like they did, what would you call that? Baptizing children under fire? Why not get them all together and give them a Medal of Honor for their bravery for shooting a bunch of school kids. I’m telling you Americans when you have people in the Whitehouse with this kind of thinking then I will say you have real problems. This kind of group of people that would shoot 132 kids is nothing but Islamist Radicals.

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