Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Backing up carelessly

On quite a few occasions, I've noticed some people backing out of their driveways or parking lots without looking backwards to see if the coast was clear of pedestrians or traffic. It's mostly old people that can't turn their body or head enough to look back like they should. This includes some middle age people too, because of their stomach being so big that it presses against the steering wheel which prevents them from turning to look backwards. Then there's the teenagers who keep on talking to someone in the car or on the phone and backs up at the same time. I almost got hit by an idiot backing out of his driveway when I went to the store this morning.

Going back to old people, once they get on the street in takes them forever to turn their steering wheel to get their vehicle straighten out in the direction that they want to go. After what seems like forever (about half a minute) they finally figure out to shift the shifting lever to go forward. Once they start going forward they seem to be scared of going to0 fast and accelerate to a blistering crawling speed.

Guilty of being careless at a stop line.

There is another thing that a lot of people are guilty of doing. It seems that some people coming to a stop at an intersection don't realize that its the front end of their auto that is supposed to be at the stop line and not their own nose. This kind of action some times creates an accident because they are almost in the middle of the intersection.

Driving idiots - that is my rant of the day.

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