Monday, September 30, 2013

Teacher’s police?

Seventh graders are being suspended from school for firing toy guns at home. While kids are at home and not on school ground what business does this have to do with the teachers at the schools?  Let me answer that myself - NONE.

Were those teachers hired to police the kids even when they are at home? NO. What goes on after the kids are off school grounds is none of the teachers business. Those kids have parents and once the kids are at home it’s the parents that are responsible for them not teachers. From what I keep reading, those teachers don’t even teach the kids what they are supposed to teach them because they are too busy trying to find ways to get their names in the news or teach them garbage that fits their own political agenda.

The way some of these teachers conduct themselves you would think that they are Queens and Kings like Obama. Obama thinks it’s his military and the teachers think it's their school. It seems that there are no rules as how the teachers should conduct themselves and what their supposed to be teaching the kids.  Children are sent to school to learn.

That’s my rant of the day.

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