Sunday, September 22, 2013


I thought that if I got interested in the politics of the USA that it would be more interesting than the politics here in Canada. After two years of following the politics of the USA, I am discouraged at what I've discovered from reading the news. It seems that the Democrats and Republicans are more interested in trying to promote their own party then both parties coming together and having discussions and forging agreements for the welfare of the country. I fail to see how these two parties can’t seem to co-operate together considering the trouble the country is in at this time. 

To me it appears like each member is so scared of not being elected in the next election that they are willing to sacrifice the hope of coming to an agreement on anything that would benefit the country. I know that it’s the same all over the world as politicians are concerned about their own welfare but the USA is not like other countries.

That country was more or less the police of the world, but now it has become as meek as a lamb or a wolf that growls but has no teeth. Because…no I’ll just leave it like that for now.

That’s my beef of today.

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