Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Saving the president’s hide.

Chris Matthews: Democrats have to save the president’s Hide.

Well Mr. Matthews the only way that you Democrats could save your supposed president’s hide would be if he was impeached. That is the only way of saving his hide because for what he has accomplished since he has been elected. The only thing that he has accomplished is to degrade the reputation of the USA. He has changed the nation to be as tame as a lamb.  He’s also trying to turn the military against his own people. He’s also turning people against their own faith. He lies to cover up scandals. And when something serious happens, it’s weird that he always seems to be somewhere else at the time.

Upon his return, when he's told about it, lies are made up to cover up the seriousness of whatever the problem is. As a president he’s doing more damage to the nation by his diplomacy and enough of it that his talking and no actions do not deter any one from attacking the citizens of the USA. The whole world knows that there will not be any retaliation.

I will admit to hear him talk he seems to have a good education. He's proof a good education is not everything. The education that he received doesn’t help him in being a strategist in running a nation. As I mentioned before in other posts, a person can have a good education but if he doesn’t know how to use it, it's useless.  Some with big educations have developed big egos and the results are that the person can’t keep a job or friends and therefore destroys his/her life and in this case you’re "supposed to be leader" might be responsible for a third world war.

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