Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The supposed-to-be-leader of the USA.

I write quite a bit about this supposed to be the leader of the USA, president Obama. I listen to his speeches when he makes them and they become available on television and I also read what he has to say to the media.
What he has said and what he has done (and also not done) since he was elected, amount to almost nothing except to make sure that he has weakened the military and the country. He has done nothing to prop up or better yet fix the economy.  He keeps ignoring the Constitution to apply his own desired version of the law. He is making more enemies for the nation by alienating nations that were friendly with the USA and also causing mistrust and using diplomacy as a front for not going after the terrorists.  He's been behind all kinds of scandals -- lying to the people, snooping on selected groups like conservatives, warning the would-be whistleblowers not to say anything, not dismissing people that should be dismiss for their conduct.
What a terrible mess he is leaving for his successor.
Most importantly (for me) he is trying to turn people away from their faith. He will continue to try his best to do that as he has already done with the military.  I noticed that this man since he was elected for a second term, has been acting like a dictator and an imposter.
I read Facebook every morning - especially the comments about this man and I notice the names he has been called.  I would say it amounts to everything that anyone could be called.  He has even been called a racist and that he doesn’t like white people. I wouldn’t go so far to say that he is a racist but he really doesn’t like the USA.  He should be sent back to whatever planet he came from and let him practice his faith without trying to convert anyone from their own faith.
I had hoped that  Mr. Biden kept his word that if Obama attacked Syria before consulting Congress that he (Mr. Biden) would start the legalities of impeaching Obama.  Obama did consult Congress but I'm not all that impressed by it and I will tell you why soon.
Those where my opinions and my rant of the day.

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