Thursday, September 5, 2013

Why all the killings?

Some people ask "Why all the killings?" Here's my answer to this type of question. Since the beginning of recorded history, people have been killing each other for some reason or another.  According to the Bible, the killing of another human being started with Cain and Abel. Now I’m not going to go any further with this  analogy since I don’t recall if it was Cain that slew Abel or vice versa. I do remember it was because of a voice that one of them heard to kill the brother to show his faith.
I read this book called Bible History.  If what was presented in it are true facts, then a large percentage of all of the killings happening today are in what we now consider third world countries. I guess that would mean that those people that were born back in Biblical times, would have been raised in the beliefs and the laws that existed in those days and those beliefs and customs have since been handed down from generation to generation.
The results of those laws are still shown today by the killings and discrimination of different beliefs in praising God. I guess that’s why we say these people are still living and following the laws of the dark ages. Most of the younger generation in many countries still believe in those archaic laws. It's not necessarily their fault - they don’t know any different.  They were raised to believe in those laws and have never had a chance to live in countries that have laws that are different from what they were raised to believe in.
Some that have immigrated to other countries and are still having problems adapting to laws that are completely different from what they were raised to believe in. This is why some immigrants from those countries still get in trouble with the justice departments of whatever country they immigrated to become residents or citizens.
To my knowledge this is my answer to a question asked by one of my readers (Why all the killings in the third world countries?). I do hope my answer was satisfactory to your question. Thank you for asking.
Have a great day.

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