Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Obama = Bush?

I think that president Putin of Russia has been listening and reading too much of Obama's speeches. He compares Obama to former president Bush. I would say that was an insult to Bush because X President Bush I would refer you to this site 

I would say there is a lot of difference between those two. Bush was for the nation of the USA as much as Obama seems to be against. Bush would go after the terrorists. He did not use diplomacy to avoid going after them. Obama doesn't want to go after terrorists.  And while I’m at it, I think the only reason that Obama got Bin Laden is because of all the investigation that was done while Mr. Bush was president. True, I will say that Mr. Bush did leave the nation in a mess but then the nation was still the lion of the world and not a lamb and the laughing stock of the world like it is now.

No, Mr. Bush might not have been a good president in a sense but at least he stood up for his citizens. That’s more than what I can say for this present leader. Mr. Bush was not perfect but the USA had a good reputation and not like the one it has now (wimpy).

Obama does not equal Bush. From Putin's perspective, they were/are perhaps both very easy to manipulate.  But that does not make them equal as president. I'm sure no one else besides Putin sees the two as the same.

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