Saturday, September 7, 2013

Soon the USA will be a country of the past

The USA used to be the police of the world, fighting for democracy. But this all changed on a certain voting day when the people elected a person that seemed to be intelligent enough to lead the country but turned out to be a DUD.
This man did not turn out to be the man that represented himself to be. He did not hesitate to show the people that the Constitution meant anything to him. He did not hesitate to ignore the Constitution to apply his views that would help in boosting the economy or create more jobs.  Instead it's ruining the economy. It's in worse shape than it was before he started.  He's been making it more expensive for health care. And not only is the economy down but the debt of the country is sky high. Now he seems to be trying to think of everything - even to emptying the wallets of the citizens to try and recover the money that he over spent.
He has not done anything good for the country since he was elected.  And his supporters are not helping any.  The news is full of stories of wrong-headed politics.  Here are some examples.  The United States seems to be in much worse shape than it was before his election. 
And now the federal government wants churches to get baptism permits.   If this is not digging into people’s wallets and privacy then what is it? It's not enough that he’s an anti-Christian president, but  he wants to soak them of their money for their beliefs.  That's wrong.
All I have to say is, you people have been taken in by a person that is a good talker but no good for the country.  Soon your country will be a country of the past unfortunately.

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