Tuesday, September 10, 2013


With regards to Syria, no one seems to know what to do about the chemicals weapons that are stored in that country. Some people are talking about attacking Syria and to some it would only aggravate matters.

My solution would be simple.  Why doesn’t NATO get all the member nations together and just go in and destroy those weapons. Or take them out of Syria somewhere to destroy later? If the Assad military tries to stop NATO from taking and destroying those weapons then, there would be no choice but to attack the Syrian military.

This would stop everyone from blaming each other as to who used them.  There would be no proof whether it was Assad that gave the order or use chemical weapons or the rebels or one of the terrorist groups that used chemical weapons. If this was to happen then the whole world would be safer.  If the jihadists ever got hold of these weapons no one knows for sure what country they would attack first. These WMDs could be included in a bomb then buried and could be exploded remotely and the same results would happen as if it was delivered by a rocket.

The way things are going now this could developed into a Third World War. Because the USA has a leader with a big ego, that ego would prevent him from accepting any responsive answer contrary to the answer that he would want to hear. His response to that answer could really cause damage.

While reading Facebook I read a statement made by Sarah Palin “Let Allah sort it out.” It would be okay if it was that easy but people are already dead because of those WMDs.

There's my rant of the day.

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