Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The results are in on Obama's dithering.

Now we see when a leader is a ditherer what happens to a nation. Also when using diplomacy and not realizing when diplomacy has had no results to a problem, we see the results of just leaving the problem to multiply without doing anything about it. Here's an example. Syria, if the nations would have tried to do something about this country, things might have turned out differently but president Obama and a bunch of other world leaders just waited. The same thing happened with Egypt, I doubt very much if the Egyptians will ever be friends with the USA again.
If Obama would have tried to do something about what was happening in Syria a year ago, it could have turned out differently. He never showed any interested in what was going on. But now he's finding out what happened as a result and he wants to attack it. He is not the only one to blame for what is happening in Syria.
 The United Nations could have had a meeting and try and figure out what could be done to help the Syrians. Now that Sarin gas was used, everyone is up in an uproar about it they blame it on this one and that one.
With Egypt, Obama spoke to Mubarak and convinced him to step down but did he ever try to get Morsi to step down? Why not? Especially when it was the citizens of that nation asked the army to take over. Then there were a lot of questions asked by the Obama administration. Should we call it a coup by the military, should we cut aid to that country? This man Morsi turn out to be a member of the Muslim Brotherhood and of course have been ignoring the constitution just like Obama did in America to get what he wanted.
I would say in a couple more years and the USA will have ceased to be a defender of democracy if things keep on going like they are now.  They will be told by other nations what to do and not do. In Iran they are doing what they want and they have countries to back them up. They have threatened the USA and gotten away with it. Why? Because the highway of diplomacy is active for free travelling. This is the same for Assad and for any other dictators and Jihadists. And dictators that have a disease call paranoia.  This is what Obama's dithering has brought us.
That is my rant and opinions of the day.

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