Friday, September 13, 2013

Dangerous countries

By keeping up with the news every day, I have come to the conclusion that the most dangerous countries for world peace are Iran among the Third World countries and the USA from the Western world. I should also mention North Korea with a leader who suffers from a really bad case of paranoia.
Here are my reasons for saying this about Iran and America. Iran are acting as if they think that they are the only ones that are allowed to exist in this world.  By supplying weapons to groups that are willing to kill and kill to spread the belief in their faith and kill everyone that resists, including their own people, Iran is a terrorist state.  They have had a succession of unstable leaders (I'm not sure about the new leader who replaced Ahmedinejad, but they don't have a good track record of picking stable people).  They want nuclear weapons.  They pose a real threat to world peace and are an existential threat to regional peace.

To hear Iranian leadership talk, they have the biggest and the best army in the world.  The way they threatened to destroy anyone that would try and attack them would be comical if it were not so malicious. They believe they can be safe even when making all kinds of threats because they aren't being challenged for making them.  Consider the threats that were made by the USA about all options being on the table if Iran keeps wanting to build nuclear weapons.  Consider also the threats from Israel about preemptive attacks to stop them from building these weapons. Nothing has been done about these warnings.  Iran thinks it can't be touched.  That makes them even more dangerous.

The USA the supposed to be the Goody Two Shoes of the world.  I guess by trying to convert every country to a democracy and also thinking that they are the saviors of the people of the world they have for themselves, a Goody Two Shoes image. Good intentions don't mean good actions though.   And the result of their good intentions has been to make enemies.  By poking their noses in other the policies and politics of other countries means that they have caused wars and the death of good people. Granted, the tyrants they are trying to topple were worse, but less dangerous is still dangerous, not Good by comparison. Moral superiority, having the high ground, is an excuse for dangerous actions.
Now they have a leader that could be the start of a third world war because he thinks he’s a king and no one can deny him what he wants. With the power the United States holds, having a leader that thinks like that is a serious danger.  He’s all talk and no action. But he can start a war without meaning to do so.  By wagging his tongue at the wrong time, by making certain types of statements that he might think a leader should say but may not be appropriate to whatever the leader he is having a conversation with, he isn't qualified to lead.  That makes him and by proxy the USA dangerous.

Those to me are the two most dangerous countries, but another country that I wouldn’t trust too much would be China. They are rapidly strengthening their military and the ability and the means that they have to go to war. They are too quiet about it and I am sure that there are things that goes on that they don’t approve of but they are keeping quiet and it's very seldom you hear of them complaining about anything.  They may not feel ready to export their cultural style of communist imperialism yet.  But they are a growing danger to the world too.

That is my rant of the day.

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