Monday, September 16, 2013

Worried about losing credibility?

Dear America,

Credibility.  Are you afraid of losing it? Don’t you people think you have already lost it in the first year that this president was elected? When a president loses credibility, so does the nation because the world looks at that president’s actions and what he says and how he conducts the nation’s business. That reflects on the nation as a whole.  His foreign policies, his trustworthiness, his words and action are a reflection on America. This man who is president now, has not shown any of this since he has been elected.

In the past I have posted some very unfavorable opinions of him and I stand by them. I understand that he’s only human like we all are and also that he was elected to a job that demands the full attention the a leader should give.  I also understand that the job is one that no one has had the experience of doing prior to actually doing it. To be honest if the person elected had any intentions to do his best for the country, you would think that this same person would have learned enough to do a better job in his second term. He has not shown any improvements. He has probably gotten even worse and managed to further discredit the whole nation and himself.

A couple of weeks ago I was reading an article on Fox News that said that the vice president stated that if the president attacks Syria without talking to congress he would personally seek to have him impeached. Then the president went to congress and many people feel he shouldn’t have done so. Mr. McCain says if he the president puts boots on the ground he (Mr. McCain) would work to have him impeached.

I don’t trust him. He's not credible. But it seems that this man can’t win. If he doesn’t go to Congress there is talk of impeachment. So he goes to congress and he loses credibility for doing so. Then another one says that if he puts boots on the ground in Syria he’s facing impeachment again. I would say either way, he can’t win.  I had to say something about the fact that he finally did something that was expected of him, and then he’s criticized for doing so.  That's not fair.  Then again, maybe it's because he put himself in that position by lacking credibility for so long that it's starting to come back on him.



P.S. Okay, I know that you might be tired of reading about this leader so I will refrain from doing so quite so often in the future.

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