Tuesday, September 3, 2013

I have stated this before!

While reading the news last week, I noticed this article written by Todd Starnes. The Pentagon labels Founding Fathers as extremist and calls conservative organization “hate groups” (see here).  He also states that the military is being turned against the people. President Obama is behind this, I am certain.
This is no surprise to me that’s why I have titled this rant as I have. This man that you American people have elected, is a phony. He is a sham. I have stated this before.  Although no one can be blamed for their votes in 2008, because this man presented himself as something that he was not in order to win an election. But what about the voters in 2012?  Obama was still portraying himself as what voters wanted, but did the voters all lose their memory of the years 2009 through 2012?
Obama did his best to destroy the USA in his first term. I will suggest to you people to read the news and digest what he has done so far. Look at all of the problems that he has gotten into.
  • Doing disappearing acts, when something really important happens.
  • Refusing to take action when diplomacy fails
  • Lies
  • Disregard for the Constitution
  • Being an anti-Christian and trying to turn other people to be anti-Christians
  • The fact of coming out with a stupid idea of a law (Obamacare), that would really kill the economy and disregards part of the Constitution to do so.
  • Making of enemies and the promoting mistrust by the nations that used to trust and be friends of the USA.
Obama, you are a man of intellect, but I will say that you are on the wrong track. All you’re doing to the country is sabotaging it.  You are proving it by your own actions and inactions when action is needed.
I will tell you right now that if I was an American and had the power you would not be in the White House for another week you'd be impeached.

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