Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Hypocritical Pastor

While reading Fox News I noticed this article about a pastor in Charlotte, North Carolina by the name of Makeda Penny Cooke, an African-American sending an email to the volunteers who acts as greeters at the front door in Freedom House Church. The message was that only white people should be at the front door to greet the people, because only the best of the best according to the report.

This pastor apparently apologized for the email . Maybe she thinks that an apology will undo the wrong that email she sent did.  Maybe she thinks it will cheer up the people that she showed racism against. I know what she means, but take it any way you want, it still shows racism.  The thought was there.

If this woman is a pastor - a true pastor - then in her studies to become a pastor she have been told that to the good Lord there is no racism and that everyone is equal.

Its people like her that make this world what it is today. What I mean by that is a world full of hate and also goody good attitudes with some people pushing their beliefs on other people.  From what she wrote, I don’t believe that her herself believes everything she studied to be a pastor.

If that is her attitude towards the color of people’s skin, then she should quit at pretending to be a pastor and go and take a job at McDonald or some other takeout joint. She might learn what the world is really like. Those are my opinions of this kind of pastor.

All I have to say I hope God forgives this poor lost Soul.

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