Thursday, October 10, 2013

Canada - putting the 'cult' in multiculturalism

I was born in a country called Canada. I wonder what happened to it. Growing up,  as I got old enough to find out what this country was all about, after a couple of years the country that I knew was Canada started to change for the worse. 

It changed for the worse when a certain Pierre Elliot Trudeau who was prime minister at the time, went crying to the Queen and brought back our own Constitution. Then he turned the country into a multicultural country. In other words he was giving our country to anyone who would want to immigrate here, but would not necessarily have to adhere to our culture. So the sucky baby’s in parliament started to change some laws to accommodate them.

Then a couple of years ago, the USA had an election and they elected a King called Obama (He thinks He is). He is an anti-Christian who is pushing his anti-Christianity on others including the military and he is destroying the USA with his Obamacare.

Now we have a premier in Québec who, like Obama, thinks that she’s a Queen and little by little she will eventually destroy the country because she thinks that she can turn this province into a second France as she wants everything to be in French. First she is a separatist. Next she’s turning against the Catholic religion because she doesn’t want the Muslim woman to cover their faces (that would be against their religion). Then she says well we have to be fair so we Canadians that are born here are supposed to hide our Christianity to be fair.

This is what happens with this multicultural garbage. I’m not too much of a religious person, but I am Canadian and a Christian and I’ll be damned if I’m going to hide being a Christian because some people do not want these Muslim woman to have their face covered up. Tell me what does having their face covered up do? As long as they are willing to uncover the face say to be a witness to a crime or voting? And if that is too much to ask then they do not belong here.

There's a great blog post here about multiculturalism that shares these views and articulates the points in a very good way.I encourage everyone to read it.

That is my rant of the day.

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