Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Convinced - the USA will be a third world country

I wrote a post before wondering if the USA was turning into a third world country. Since then with everything that I’ve been reading and seeing in the news, I believe that it won’t be long now before we in Canada will have a third world country as neighbors. Again on Fox, I read about a school in Ohio school district to pay a fine of $95,000 ACLU which objected Jesus Christ portrait that had been hanging in a high schools Hall of Honor since 1947.

Mind you I’m not blaming Obama for that but what I find weird, is that it never happened with the previous president.

What is happening to a nation that kept on saying that they were a God fearing nation? I guess that was just for appearances.  In God we trust: it seems that those words are words of the past because they now have a supposed to be a leader that has shown that He is anti-Christian so a lot of citizens are playing follow the leader. Well folks that leader will not only destroy your nation by not knowing how to do his job but wither He realizes it or not He is doing it and you people  who denies your Christianity and be  followers of this leader will lead you straight to the incinerator  when your time comes to leave this God forsaken world. Then it will be too late for Salvation because of your hypocritical conduct here on earth.

I mentioned before that I am not a great person on religion, but I am a Christian and I’ll be damned if I would deny my Christianity just to please someone else. I had my doubts about life after death before the last day of May 2011 I died in a hospital here and according to witnesses I was dead for about 35 minutes from what I was told. I can vouch for life after death my soul had left my body but where it went I couldn’t tell you but it was as if I was alone on a planet.

I guess everyone will be judged on the last day of our existence on Earth. and not individually or else I would have been incinerated never to exist again because I know that my conduct on earth up to the time that I died could not have stood in the front of the Creator of all things and expect to be accepted in His kingdom.

My advice would be her/he who has denied being a Christian just to be a follower redeem yourselves before it’s too late to do so.

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