Thursday, October 3, 2013

What is security?

What is security?  Security to me means keeping one's mouth shut and not blabbing about things that are not supposed to be spread around as if it were just something for the public to discuss. When I read about what the terrorist had in mind about attacking the embassies around the world, it was all over the news that the embassies were going to be closed because of the conversation among the terrorists that was caught on the telephone. Then all hell broke loose. Some blabbed to the reporters and they in turn told the world how the information was obtained.

I wrote a post about what letting out this information would do and what I predicted is in the process of happening now. Now the terrorist know how their plot was discovered. Now they are going to change their ways of communicating. If the discovery of their plan would have been kept quiet and they had just advised each embassy to take out secret materials and have employees stay home until further noticed and to keep quiet about it it would have better. Then some kind of an ambush could have been set up in each embassy. Also not to let the whole world know how the information was obtained.

Now, because of some people that couldn’t keep their mouth shut (they blabber everything to reporters), of course the reporters were happy to get that info out,  they 'unintentionally' let the terrorist know that their calls are monitored. 

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