Friday, May 25, 2012

Disgusting time of year

This is the time of the year when you see how disgusting some people are in the way they wear their shorts. Walk anywhere on a hot day and you will see older people male or female and some people that could lose a few pounds wearing shorts that are at least two sizes to big for them and they have them cranked up there butts as if they were giving themselves wedgies.

Not the worst offending example here, but take a look at an old man wedgie:

It gets worse.  You will often see some of them keep pulling to get them out of there and scratching their bum at the same time. Another problem related to pants or shorts, have you ever seen an old man's private area get itchy and he tries to deal with it? What does he do? He puts his hands in his pockets and scratches as if no one can see what he is doing.  That's disgusting.

Then there are the teenagers. I call them want-to-be-plumbers because of the low hanging pants. That's disgusting.  But what's worse, I can't tell you how often I have seen one of them put his/her hand inside the back of his/her jeans and scratch their bum then go in a restaurant and sit down and order some thing to eat, all without washing their hands. Disgusting.

Then there are nose-pickers.  Why do we see more of them this time of year? Is it just because more people are out walking around, or is it that no one can pick their nose with winter gloves on? In any case it's disgusting to see one finger up the nose to the first joint of the finger but as if that's not disgusting enough, they start pulling out a big booger and examining it with an expression on the face as if to say how did that get in there? Then they wipe it on their shirt or pants and some try to flick it away.  Gross.

I have also observed some people picking their teeth to remove some food that was stuck in there after picking their nose. Really, I'm not making this stuff up. That's really disgusting.

Have you ever seen the seasonal armpit smeller walking down the street and at every other step he has to smell his armpit?  Disgusting, but also weird. 

On a side note on weird there are others I see coming down the street having an argument with themselves with their hands going all over the place. There was this one guy who I used to see who was always checking how solid the side walk was. I used to drive my grandson to work and it never failed I would see this guy walk a couple of feet and tap the sidewalk with his foot then go a couple more and keep on doing it for about a city block. I forgot to mention the shadow boxer, he would shadow box with the traffic lights post then stop and talk to himself.  Not disgusting, but not inviting either.

There are a lot more I could write about by observing people on busy streets but I think this is disgusting enough already.

This is my disgusting rant of the day but I am just describing exactly what goes on the street on a beautiful sunny day.  Maybe it's just getting worse nowadays but I tend to think it is a seasonal thing and it's just that time of year.

Have wonderful day, and don't be disgusting.


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