Sunday, December 7, 2014

Depriving kids of sustainable foods (Part 1)

While surfing the internet this morning to see what kind of news I could to comment on I happened to open this. I checked out the video just to see what the complaint from the kids were. It turns out it was in regards to what the Michelle Obama tells the schools about what the kids should be served for lunches. From what I could see what was on the trays was only garbage that wouldn’t sustain a kid's activities on a school day.  Kids need fuel for their bodies and from what I had seen that the schools were told to give the kids, I wouldn’t even offer it to my dogs for fear of getting bitten by them for offering that kind of garbage. And the first lady calls it food.

Kids are humans and they need good food to give the body what it needs for energy. The energy they would get from that garbage wouldn’t last them an hour of activity.

Kids have parents and the parents don’t need anyone to tell them what to feed their kids. At least what the parents feed their kids sustains them in their activities of a school day and beyond.

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