Monday, August 1, 2016

Not that funny at all

What I find funny but at the same time, nothing to laugh at (because it’s not funny at all) is impeachment. People that say if there is such a thing as impeachment here in Canada, then the premier of the province of Ontario should be impeached. Now what I find to be a big laugh is how many times former Ontario premier Dalton McGuinty was elected and re-elected. He was called every name imaginable for his misdeeds and still was he elected what 4 times. He was just as bad as this one (but not worse). So what would be the outcome of an election or impeachment of premier Wynne? I think that the amount of people who vote for her not to be impeached would exceed the ones who would say yes. Because some people, too many people, seem to think that the Liberals are the best. That one is a laugh as the Conservatives and New Democrats are tops.

Those two parties don’t have someone with nice hair and as good looking as who we have as prime minister now. But that's not what really matters. Some people seem to think that if you speak well and have nice hair then you are the one who should be elected. Those are people that I call stupid; good looking hair and good talking doesn’t necessarily make a good manager of a country. Thanks to that kind of thoughtless voting by some stupid people, how long will have a country and a province? From what I can see, the first to fail will be the province of Ontario. It will go bankrupt and then the country too.

Mind you the Liberals used to be a good party but there are new educated fools in there now and the party has lost its reputation. I would say they should all go and join the Democrats in the USA because they seem to like dictators like Wynn as they have one now called Obama.

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