Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Takeout joints

Do you like eating out in restaurants or take out joints? If you do I would suggest you be careful about it. There are some disgusting things that go on. Mind you I’m not saying that every restaurant or take out joint is the same but there are always bad apples in everything. I mean there are people that will serve you food that you wouldn’t eat if you saw who prepared it for you. There are some places that if you saw who else handles your food besides the cook you'd have a problem. In fact, is the cook him/herself even clean? How do you know for sure? Do the cooks wash their hands after finishing their business in the restroom? Are the cook's or the waitress’s fingernails clean under the ends or crappy with dirt under the ends? If that is so then that person can’t be considered as being careful with their hygiene. In food preparation and service, hygiene is very important.

If the hygiene is not good there are a lot of clues besides just the fingernails. Is there a bad odor coming off of the cook or waitress as if they hadn't taken a shower in a long time? If the people have one or all of those things going on, then they should not be in a place of work where they are responsible for either cooking or handling foods. That should be the same as take out joints.

Now in some restaurants, i some people that ordered food don’t eat all of it do some cooks take what has not been touched and save it and heat it up for the next customer to order whatever that cook was saving? I know that is probably not common, but how do you know it doesn't ever happen? My point is - you don't know. In the kitchen of those places are there some foods that are dropped on the floor then just picked up and cooked? These places need to make a profit so wasting food is a bad thing for them. So it is possible that if it dropped food could be cooked after being picked up and brushed off or washed off. If it's something that's not to be cooked like say salad, is it just put on a plate and given to the next customer with whatever else that’s supposed to go with what has been ordered?

If you’re a finickier eater at home then why do you eat in a restaurant or order from a takeout joint where you don't know what has happened with your food preparation? Where you can’t see how your food is being handled or who is handling it?

Now I’m not inferring that what happens in some places is happening in all places, but I do suggest that you be careful.

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