Friday, January 16, 2015

What to do with Islamists radicals

What would I do with radical terrorists? Instead of locking them up or bringing them to courts (which is a waste of taxpayers’ money) is have the military or police shoot them on the spot wherever they find them. Of course that means when they are caught in the act, or there is inarguable proof of their guilt. After all, these people think that if they are killed for what they believe in they become martyrs for their cause anyway. If that is what they believe then I would say oblige them by killing them. We'd apparently be doing them a favour. We'd certainly be doing ourselves a favor; at least they wouldn’t be around to get released in some kind of deal that would let them loose to go back out and join their friends in killing men, women and children and burning down churches.

To my concern those radicals are at war with anyone who doesn’t believe what they believe. They feel justified to kill and torture. And I’m quite sure that some of them just do it and take it as a sport. These Islamist radicals are at war with those they consider infidels. War means kill or be killed. That's how they view it and until we do the same, they're going to win. That’s unfortunate but it's the reality. At least it is the way I look at it. So why waste time locking them up and wasting tax payers’ money? Anyone that shows themselves to be a sympathizer of this kind of brutal killer should not be killed but they should be locked up for life. You cannot deny that if you sympathize with the devil, then you must be in agreement in with the devil.

That's my rant for the day.

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