Thursday, January 8, 2015

Communist tactics

I’ve been saying all along that America is either going to become a third world country or a communist one. This sure seems like communism to me. And what about Michelle Obama dictating her views as to what students should eat? And what about Obama ignoring part of the Constitution to to do what he wants as far as issuing Executive Orders? What about leaving the southern border open so all kinds of riff raff can enter the USA? What about Obama trying to make friends with so called enemies of the USA all while alienating friendly countries? What about the freeing of hard core Jihadists for a soldier that had deserted from his unit (testified to by other soldiers of his unit)? Doesn't all of that sound like a communist dictator?

So much has happened and if you read the comments sections of many websites, you can see how angry some people are about it all. It's possible that in this year (2015) there will be a revolution in the USA and that will be an excuse for Obama to declare martial law then complete his takeover of the nation. Those are only my opinions and a hunch. I'm not ready to predict it yet, but I am closing to believing that's what is going to happen. I hope I’m wrong but I’m only going on what I’ve been reading since Obama was elected.

I realize that a person shouldn’t believe everything that is reported but there has been so much reported by different sites and the videos that I’ve watched on speeches by Obama himself I find it hard not to believe most of the things reported. I could be wrong but I would like to know where does he get his ideas from? I don’t believe those ideas that he has is of his own choosing because he must realize that they are wrong because he seems to be too well educated not to realize it but being faithful to whomever is responsible for what he is doing, or perhaps just his communist ideals are blinding him to the damage he's doing

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