Saturday, August 10, 2013

The Highway of diplomacy is open.

This highway of diplomacy appears to give the terrorists more courage to be less secretive about their planning of attacks on the USA’S PROPERTIES like the embassies. I was just reading on Fox News about the impending attacks by the terrorists of these buildings.
These terrorists must have heard about the snooping that the USA is doing and yet they are still planning. This sort of action by them shows that they just don’t care. They now have this highway of diplomacy and they can get away. They also know that nothing will be done to retaliate against their actions.
I did mention in previous  blog posts that diplomacy is good as long as the one that’s doing  the talking realizes when it’s not doing any good and stops talking and takes action. This move about closing the embassies I think was a good move but it could have been done without the whole world knowing about it. Secret files could have been taken out with the staff and an ambush could have been set up at the ones that the officials would think that those would be the first ones to be attacked.
Here is another thought. Since the terrorists knows about the snooping could they have let this out on purpose about attacking the embassies but have some place else in mind and let out this information  as a diversion?
If these attacks occur and nothing is done about it, then we will know for sure that the leader of the USA   has no intention to defend the lives and properties of the USA. Then we will know for sure if He is for the USA or just for Himself.
That’s my rant of the day

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