Friday, August 23, 2013

Obama, Egypt and the decay of all things good

I noticed this article this morning and I thought that you might be interested. Egypt is sending a diplomatic mission to Russia. To Russia! While the USA is pondering cutting off aid to the nation for overthrowing the Muslim Brotherhood.  The Muslim Brotherhood was busy ignoring the Constitution in Egypt and consolidating power in their own hands.  I also spotted this one a few days back.  This letter to Obama really shows the disappointment that is felt in Egypt in regards to Obama's conduct towards Egypt.
And here's a great summarizing of his failure on Egypt from another article;
The Nazi Party was democratically elected in the 1930s. Sometimes the process fails. The leader Egypt elected in 2011 was a disastrous failure, and the Egyptian people decided they couldn’t afford to wait for the next election cycle before changing course. Over 22 million Egyptians signed a petition to remove President Morsi. They took to the streets by the millions to force change. An Islamist dictator was removed.

You’d think that a country founded on secular human rights and liberties would support a change of course that could very well result in greater freedom for millions of Egyptians citizens, especially women and religious minorities. But just as the U.S. was silent on Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood grabbing power, calling for violence and sexual assault against Christians and female opposition protesters, and promoting further Islamic theocratic oppression, this incident was simply treated as a foreign policy inconvenience.
I’m telling you, I just don’t trust this Obama. To me what he is doing and the way he acts is as if he didn’t have a care in the world since he was elected. The only thing that he has been doing as far as I can see is to make more enemies for the nation, lower the defense of the nation, spend as if there was no tomorrow with sky high debt in the trillions, use diplomacy as a cover for his unwillingness to go after the terrorists and now blowing his chance to get the USA back on track to good relations with Egypt.
Now Egypt is going to be looking at Russia for help. Apparently there will be a group coming to the US from Egypt to see Obama also.  Let’s see what he does with that meeting. When a nation that is supposed to be friends with the USA goes to seek help from another nation that’s not too friendly with the US, what does that say about a supposed-to-be-leader of a superpower? Not much positive. So I don't expect much positive to come out of this Egyptian delegation meeting with Obama.
Obama in my opinion is a complete phony.  I still say he has an agenda and that agenda is showing up now. Just sit back and think of everything that he has done that has benefited the nation (nil) and it seems that the US do not have a Constitution to his liking. So He will ignore it to satisfy his big ego that is causing the problems for the nation in the first place.
This man doesn’t deserve any respect from anyone because his motto must be “I am for me and me alone”. Of course he doesn’t have to say that out loud, his actions alone are enough to tell us that.  I wonder if he realizes what happened to Morsi for ignoring the Constitution. Is Obama trying to do the same? Or maybe he thinks that what happened to Morsi would never happen to him?
After reading about Muslims marching on Washington another thought came into my mind. Did Obama know in advance about this marching in Washington? And is this the reason that he was doing his out most to disarm the citizens to lessen the chance of violence? I'm just asking.
This is my rant of the day.

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