Monday, August 12, 2013

A new third world country

I keep getting this impression from the action of this so-called leader of the USA. Here are my reasons for thinking this way. First he seems to be uncomfortable to say the word terrorist.  He is anti-Christian (which he has proven himself to be by his actions towards the military), and he has cut the budget to the military.  He has failed to go after the terrorists of Benghazi and instead of going after them he uses diplomacy as an excuse for not doing so. He doesn’t hesitate to go against the Constitution to get what he wants. He came out with a law nicknamed Obamacare that will probably create more problems economically. Now we find out that some of the allies of the USA have lost confidence in him and don’t trust him. And he has also made more enemies for America.
I've mentioned all of these things many times before. I believe this man ran to get elected to be president because he seems to have an agenda and that agenda is to turn the USA into a third world country. I’m not making this up I’m just going by what is reported and by the way he acts. Anyone that reads and listens to what is reported and the speeches that he makes, even contradicting himself on quite a few occasions, shows that while he is talking his mind is playing double time in other words his mind is working on something else. That’s the impression that I get.  And I'm not talking about him thinking up great ideas.
To be honest what has he done that was good for the nation since he has been elected?  The only thing I can say to the nation of the USA is that you people have been sucked in by a good talker that does not seem to care about what happens to the USA and an anti-Christian.  This is not what the people of the USA are but it seems like every means are being taken by this so called leader to change that.
To the people in the USA if you have Faith, then don’t deny your faith for someone that is anti-Christian. He is more anti-Christians then the terrorists are.  At least they say God is great after they have done something that they think would appease their God. This so called leader doesn’t even want to hear the word God. Is this the anti-Christ that is predicted to come in the Bible? Like I said those are my opinions.

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