Thursday, August 15, 2013

It's NOT about race!

No it’s not about race. I read today on the NewsMax website and that this statement was made by Harry Reid:
"Here we are seven months into his second term and nothing has changed," Reid said. "It's been obvious they are doing everything they can to make him fail. And I hope, I hope, and I say this seriously, it's based on substance and not the fact that he's an African American."
Harry Reid surely knows that by making this type of statement, someone will jump to conclusion and say any opposition to Obama is or was racially driven. How many times have we heard and read about something like this? Today it seems that anything that happens that involves an African American that it doesn’t take long for tongues to start wagging. The George Zimmerman case was about race.  Everything is about race.  I myself wouldn’t be surprised to hear or read about someone calling me a racist because I have been doing quite a bit of blogging about America's "supposed to be leader". I would say to those people who believe everything is based on race, start reading the news and you will see why I criticize your "supposed to be leader". I don’t care the person doing these things that are damaging to the country were to be yellow, brown, white, pink or green.  I would criticize that person just as much if they were ruining the country.

I was just like most people when Obama ran for the presidency. The way he spoke, the way he presented himself, my thoughts were along the lines of this; "Now here is a person that sounds like he could straighten out the problems of the nation".   Oops.

Was I ever wrong in my thinking!  After seeing the results since he has been elected, I know that. He has shown himself to be anti-Christian and a man that has an ego bigger then what he can control. He has been ignoring the Constitution to get what he wants.  He's been making cuts to some departments that could endanger the security of the nation.  He's been using diplomacy with no ending even though knowing that it’s not working. And at the same time gives the terrorist time to plan on doing whatever they have in mind.

I would say this gives the terrorists a big help by letting the world know what they the terrorists are up to now. In other words might as well call them up and say; "Hey, don’t attack our embassies because we know when you’re going to do it as our snoopers overheard the conversation about your plan."

I will say this:  the man that was elected by you people, is not what he appeared to be. I will also say that he is not for the nation because to many things have happened since he was elected. This administration is without honor and it has been proven and still being proved by the news every day.

I read in NewsMax today about more whistleblowers that are coming out as to what was going on in Benghazi about missiles being distributed from the annex and about 400 surface to air missiles that could bring down commercial planes apparently according to the report some missiles have fallen into quote “bad people hands”.

That's a lot going wrong.  It's not about race.  It's about security, it's about running the government properly, and being an effective leader, and being a reasonable negotiator and not a dictator at home and a capitulator abroad.

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