Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Okay, I am convinced.

One morning last week I read something on Fox News that convinced me that a post that I wrote not too long ago asking if the USA was turning into a third world country was on the right track. Since then I have been reading almost every article that I could find on Fox News. From what I’ve been reading since then I am convinced that I was right - the United States is indeed turning into a third world country.

The number of people turning against Christianity is unbelievable. Not only are people turning against Christianity in America, the killing of innocent people is striking.  For example, the killing of the athlete from Australia that was shot in the back by three young people, and their excuse, they were bored because they didn’t have anything else to do.That's not something a civilized nation should exhibit or tolerate. It's craziness.

Also on another article about a principal in an elementary school in New York, canceling the song God bless America because it might offend some people. I wonder if this same principle would complain if it was turned into rap music with some of the foul language that is used in most of those songs. Of course from everything that I’ve read about what comes out of some of those schools in the USA, it doesn’t really surprise me at all.

What about the rampage shootings that go on? Some in schools, some on roads, some in private homes or somewhere else, there are so many of them? When I was younger and in the armed forces some of us would cross the Buffalo border (which was the closest entry to the USA from where we were stationed) and we had fun. Now with everything that has changed so much, it seems that if you go into the USA you take your life in your own hands. This is not because you might be a Christian, but it’s just that you are another human and some idiots don’t think that your life is worth anything, so you get eliminated just for being alive. I'm convinced now that the USA is becoming like a third world country - at least in how some of its citizens 'behave'.

This is my rant of the day.

Have a safe journey.

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