Sunday, August 11, 2013

Newsmax: White House Leaking's a Whole New Art Form

This is the first article that I see when I opened this site
I have to agree about all the leaks that have come out from the Obama administration. Now there's this one about the terrorists attacking the embassies.  Is this a true fact or a just a ploy to change the peoples thinking about the scandals? If it’s not a ploy then it warns the terrorists that their intended attacked is known in which case they might stay away. If an attack was going to take place now that the White House has revealed knowing about their plan they might just cancel it and attack when it’s least expected. Now because of the leak no one will ever know when it’s going to happen and this puts the lives of these embassies' staff in more danger.
These leaks and diplomacy more or less gives the terrorists protection and more time to plan and regroup. Now I’m talking about diplomacy without any ending. The way this administration is now, it seems that everyone is on their own because the lacking of a leader that seems to be more interested in golfing than anything else.
That’s my little rant of the day.

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