Sunday, September 16, 2012


As I have mentioned before, some groups in the third world countries are complete maniacs (if you want to call them humans , that's your decision I think it's the wrong word). From what I read this morning, I am convinced I am correct in my judgement of them. 

In one of my previous posts,  I've written about some of the killings and torture that they do.

While reading the site which is a Pakistani website I see this little headline. “KABUL: An adolescent boy and a young girl have been beheaded in two separate incidents in Afghanistan, local officials and police said on Friday.”

This boy's brother was a police officer and this boy was beheaded as a warning to the police.  And the little 6 year old girl was killed for no reason. Now what crime if anything, can a little girl of 6 year old do to be beheaded?

I used to have 3 or 4 more sites from these countries that I would read news from.  But when my computer crashed,  I lost them.  But some of these sites wrote about things that went on  and the news stories are in a word, unbelievable. If I can ever find them again I will post them. Then you will actually read about some of the things that some of those groups do that a person or people.  These maniacs would not be considered as being normal instead they are just killers or sadists.

That’s my rant of the day .            

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