Thursday, September 13, 2012

What I was told as a kid

On one of my older post, I mentioned that when I was a young kid just starting school, I was enrolled in a Catholic school.  I also mention this priest always around and he used to tell us passages from the Bible. I remember one passage that he quoted “ When the end of the world is near, more and more people will deny God.” I’m beginning to think he spoke the truth.

With all the problems going on in this world these days, the killings, the refusal by many of having anything that represents any kind of religion, or any prayers in some institutions, Christian being looked upon like woman are in third world countries, and atheist gaining more and more popularity, I think he spoke the truth.


Since the one above is a small one I will add this other short one.

I was reading comments where some people were commenting on a story that the Sun newspaper ran  regarding the Quebec election about some people not being able to vote because their names were not on the list.

Sure enough as expected, comments such as “ Quebec province is corrupt and they must have English names and that’s why they weren't allowed to vote.” The person that said that, I can honestly say, he doesn't know what he’s talking about, because my next door neighbor is French with a French name and he was refused because his name was not on the list.

I must say, there are things that are screwed up in this province, just like Ontario,  and corruption just like Ontario. All I can say to these misinformed commenters is get your facts straight before commenting on some things.

That’s it for today.

Have a good day

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