Wednesday, September 12, 2012


It's nice to be free to voice your opinions, or write them, but some people will offer their opinions, without thinking of the problems they can create. This is especially true when it concerns Islam and their Prophet Mohammed or the Q’uran.

Now we all know, that anything that is said or done in regards to Islam, is taken seriously by Muslims whether it be good or bad. It seems that most people that have anything to say against Islam, don’t think before offering their opinions and then always the same outcome results from Islamist - riots and riots, kill and kill.

These pastors that wanted to burn the Q’uran, need to ask themselves how many people have been killed because of that? This Anti-Islamist movie Producer, a movie against Islam, is yet another example. The video is on you tube and already some people have been killed because of it. Where did this producer go? In hiding he’s safe but what about the innocent people that are being killed because of him not using his brain? Or was it the hunger for money? Without thinking of what the Islamist would do or he just couldn’t care less?

That’s my rant of the day.

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